History of Ashes of the Phoenix

Ashes of the Phoenix is a derivative of Melmoth, a MUD which ran from 1995 until closing its doors in 2015. Melmoth was developed and hosted by Ferric, who has since passed the torch to Remdul. Melmoth was started on a whim in the fall of 1995 after Ferric's favorite mud, SPAMMud, shut down. It was never considered that Melmoth would run as long as it had, or grow as popular as it had. While a far cry from multi-hundred players at a time mud, Melmoth has been home to several generations of players. Code from Melmoth has been released into the public domain, and has become staples in most ROM based muds; 2 prime examples would be Ferric's Signal Handler code, the first Mud Signal Handler released to the snippet community and used on many muds today. The second is the 'rip' snippet Ferric wrote because he wanted to be able to rip players in half. Ashes of the Phoenix will be around for a long time to come.

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